Proudly progressive since 1896

Who we are

The Student Christian Movement seeks to bring together students of all denominations and none, to explore the Christian faith in an open-minded and non-judgemental environment.

Founded in 1896, SCM Aotearoa has a proud history of progressive theology and active involvement with current affairs in the world, Church and student life. SCM Aotearoa connects local SCM units in tertiary institutions throughout New Zealand and also globally through the World Student Christian Federation.

What we do

Each local unit will organise itself in different ways, will be comprised of people from different backgrounds, and thus will effectively operate in different ways. However each unit is encouraged to engage in three main areas of Christian life:


Each unit is encouraged to pray together and learn about each other’s prayer traditions. Because SCM is a truly ecumenical movement this means that one week an SCM unit may be praying the rosary together, the next engaging in Christian prayer meditation and the next week praying unprepared, Spirit-moved prayer, in a more evangelical fashion.


SCM believes strongly in a thoughtful and rational faith where students are challenged to deeply explore issues which affect them and their community. This effectively means that we encourage free and frank discussion on range of issues within such areas as politics, theology, the environment and so on.


Our prayer and discussion will often culminate in justice-focussed action within our communities be that local, regional or international. Thus you find SCM’s raising money for causes, volunteering, protesting and generally being engaged in solving problems which they have identified around them.

Recent News

21st RCM of WSCF AP Announcement with New Dates and Venue - 18/09/2014

Dear SCM National Movements in Asia Pacific,

Peace greetings from the WSCF AP regional office in Hong Kong!

The 26th July 2014 Global ExCo meeting’s decision to postpone the scheduled General Assembly (GA) to next year have had several implications in our planned activities including our scheduled 21st RCM, which was planned to hold in Bogota, Colombia. Since the new dates for the GA is February 26 to March 6, 2015, the Standing Committee (SC) of the WSCF AP region decided to hold the 21st RCM in AP region this year. It took some time to reschedule the whole planned meeting and to re -work on logistic, particularly on venue and budget for the RCM. I am happy to inform you that our SCM Indonesia (GMKI) has agreed to host the 21st RCM. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the leadership of the GMKI to host this meeting in a very short notice.

Kindly go through in details of some of the changes of logistic and meeting information for the RCM mentioned below:
I. Logistics:

Delegates for the 21st RCM:
After having a meaningful discussion with the SC, the committee agreed to combine the RCM with the Capacity Building Training (CBT). Hence we request the National Movements to consider sending the General Secretaries, National Coordinators, Contact persons of the SCMs or the person who is in-charge of the activities of that particular SCM as an official delegate to the RCM who will also join the CBT..

Theme: We are Many, We are One : Sent Out to Build God’s Peace
( 21st RCM theme is same with the WSCF ‘s 35th General Assembly theme )

Venue: Bali, Indonesia
Address: Wisma Nangun Kerti, Jalan Raya Singaraja-Denpasar,
Desa Pancasari, Kabupaten Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia
Ph: (+62362)3425160
link of the guest house : http://www.hoteltravel.com/indonesia/bali/wisma_nangun_kerti_hotel.htm

Our venue is a Church guest house with simple/ basic facilities. We will have our meetings conducted in the Chapel; You will be sharing rooms with other delegates (2 to 3 persons in 1 room). You are requested to bring your own toiletry. There is free Wi-Fi available.

Dates : October 25 to November 3, 2014

25th October - Arrival of female delegates of RCM

26th October- Pre- Women's Meeting of women delegates and arrival of male delegates
27th – 29th – Capacity Building Training (GS Meeting)
30th October to 1st November – Business Sessions -RCM
2nd November – Visiting places in Bali
3rd November – Departure

To the venue from the Airport
The SCM Indonesia will arrange to pick up the delegates from the airport (Ngurah Rai International Airport) in Bali. More information will be shared by the SCM Indonesia.

Airfare and Travel Reimbursements
As we have successfully been doing in the past, we appreciate the contributions you have given towards the airfare of your representatives. The following agreement shall apply for the RCM financial reimbursements. Please refer to the following travel subsidy policy revised in the 2012 Regional Committee Committee: Australia, Aotearoa/New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore – 60% of whole airfare will be subsidized by the AP office. The rest of SCMs – 90% of whole airfare will be subsidized by the AP office.

We would like to request you to inquire and make an early booking for this meeting as airfare maybe expensive. Travel expenses are only reimbursed upon the presentation of a copy of all travel documents and receipts. Please prepare these copies before hand. Kindly ensure that the bookings are made at the cheapest economy fare and a copy of the quotation is sent to the regional office for approval. Kindly advice your travel agent to issue the tickets only after purchase confirmation is made by the regional office.

Visa to Indonesia
Most of the countries in South East Asia, North East Asia and the Pacific do not require visa to enter Indonesia. Some nationals get visa on arrival. However, there is a lengthy process for countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to get visa, so please let us know what official document you need to process your visas according to the requirement of the concerned embassy in your countries. SCM Indonesia will facilitate the visa process once they hear the specific required document needed by particular delegate.

II. SCM National Representative to the RCM

One (1) Official representative from the member movements (affiliated and associated) will represent in the RCM. According to the WSCF AP By-law, at least 50% of the representatives should be students and women (Art 3, Sec. 2 b, )

III. Pre-Women’s Meeting
The Pre-Women’s Meeting of the RCM is a space for the women delegates to the RCM to celebrate the life and experiences of SCM women. It is also a time to share with each other on the women’s situations and concerns in the National Movements. This is also an important time for the Regional Women’s Coordinator to share on the current work of the Regional Women’s Programme and discuss on the nominations for the next leadership of the RWC..and come up with a programme planning for 2014-2016. We therefore request the woman delegate to arrive on 25th October to attend the Pre-Women’s Meeting. More information will be sent to the women delegates about the Pre-Women’s Meeting by our regional women’s coordinator, Nina Nayoan.

IV. Nomination to the Standing Committee, Regional Women’s Committee and Human Rights Justice and Peace Committee
The 21st RCM will select/elect new leadership for the above mentioned committees of the WSCF AP for the next biennium 2014-2016. And the WSCF AP representatives to the WSCF Global Executive Committee (1 female, 1male) for the next quadrennium – 2015 -2019

The following Thirteen (13) positions are open for nominations:

Standing Committee:
- (1) Chairperson
- (1) Vice-chairperson
- (2) Members-at-Large
- (2) WSCF Executive Members

Requirement: At least half of the officers are students, and half are women. (Art III, Sec 3 b, Art IV Sec 1.2-3). Sub-regional balance will also be considered in the final nomination procedure.

Regional Women’s Committee:
- (3) Women representatives nominated by the Pre-Women’s Meeting

Requirement: At least 50 % shall be students. (Art. V Sec. 2)

Human Rights Justice and Peace Committee:
-(4) representatives from each sub-region (South Asia, South East Asia, North East Asia and the Pacific)
Requirement: 50% of the composition of the Committee should be students and there should be gender balance and sub regional balance. (Art.VI Sec.1 b,c)

(Enclosed please find more information about the criteria, composition and functions of each committees in attachment)

If your national movement is interested to nominate any person for any of the 13 positions mentioned above, kindly ensure that your movement has discussed thoroughly this decision and considered all the attached requirements for nomination and the procedure below.

Nomination Procedure
1. Kindly fill in the Nomination Form attached herewith and submit to the regional office not later than September 30, 2014 duly authorized and signed by the nominee and the endorsee.
2. Together with the Nomination Form, submit a brief introduction or bio data of the nominee to determine the credentials of the nominee.
3. If in case the nominee for any position is going to be elected in absentia and background information are inconclusive, the Search and Credential Committee may set a phone interview with the nominee to gather more information.
4. In the nomination process, the nominees are assessed to a list of criteria or credentials formulated and agreed upon by Nomination and Credential Committee in session.

V. The Agenda of the RCM

(Enclosed please find the tentative agenda of the RCM)

Please note that this Agenda is tentative as it needs to be finalized by the Standing Committee. I would like to remind you all that you can propose any item in the agenda or any issue that can be included in the reports. If you have something to propose, please feel free to let me know so that we can include it in the discussion.

VII. SCM National Reports

Kindly note that one of the most important reports in the meeting is Agenda X: National Report. We would like to request you to prepare 2-3 pages of written report on the situation of the national movement, using the attached guidelines. We would also request for an electronic copy send to the regional office on September 30, and please bring hard copies (30 nos) with you to share with the members during your reporting. You are most welcome to present your reports using creative methods.

Yours sincerely,

Sunita Suna
Regional Secretary
WSCF Asia Pacific

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