Proudly progressive since 1896

Who we are

The Student Christian Movement seeks to bring together students of all denominations and none, to explore the Christian faith in an open-minded and non-judgemental environment.

Founded in 1896, SCM Aotearoa has a proud history of progressive theology and active involvement with current affairs in the world, Church and student life. SCM Aotearoa connects local SCM units in tertiary institutions throughout New Zealand and also globally through the World Student Christian Federation.

What we do

Each local unit will organise itself in different ways, will be comprised of people from different backgrounds, and thus will effectively operate in different ways. However each unit is encouraged to engage in three main areas of Christian life:


Each unit is encouraged to pray together and learn about each other’s prayer traditions. Because SCM is a truly ecumenical movement this means that one week an SCM unit may be praying the rosary together, the next engaging in Christian prayer meditation and the next week praying unprepared, Spirit-moved prayer, in a more evangelical fashion.


SCM believes strongly in a thoughtful and rational faith where students are challenged to deeply explore issues which affect them and their community. This effectively means that we encourage free and frank discussion on range of issues within such areas as politics, theology, the environment and so on.


Our prayer and discussion will often culminate in justice-focussed action within our communities be that local, regional or international. Thus you find SCM’s raising money for causes, volunteering, protesting and generally being engaged in solving problems which they have identified around them.

Recent News

Vacancy SCM Aotearoa - General Secreatry - 19/11/2015

Student Christian Movement Aotearoa is looking for a General Secretary who will both administer and invigorate the Movement across the University campuses of NZ. SCMA has been present on campuses and proudly progressive since 1896, and is looking for the right candidate to continue and develop this rich tradition.

SCMA is an organisation that is committed to being inclusive, open, ecumenical, radical and challenging in University campuses across Aotearoa. SCMA is looking for a motivated self starter for this half time role which comprises of approximately 50% administrative work and approximately 50% movement animation and development.

Some ideal qualities in a successful candidate:
• The ability to work honestly and efficiently without direct supervision
• A genuine interest in networking with the many groups SCMA intersects with
• A working knowledge of the church in New Zealand
• High level of administrative ability and skills in reporting
• A passion for seeing students being radical, challenging, inclusive, open and ecumenical

The position is well supported by a National Coordinating group who meets by Skype monthly, as well as paid supervision and any required reference groups.

The contract term is for 12 months with options for renewal, and although it would be ideal to be located in Wellington or Dunedin where there are already movements operating, applicants from other locations will be considered according to the strength of their application.

The General Secretary will be expected to travel often within the country to animate the movement. The General Secretary may be asked to travel internationally.

Please send your CV and Application Covering letter to natsec@scm.org.nz

Applications close Monday 23rd Nov at 5pm

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